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  • Mercy Health Center – Fort Scott, KS
  • Mercy Hospital – Independence, KS
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As cold and flu season has arrived, Mercy Hospital’s patient care staff reminds visitors to exercise special consideration when visiting a friend or loved one in the hospital.

Individuals who are not feeling well are asked to visit at another time and consider calling the patient instead. Most inpatients at Mercy may receive direct phone calls in their rooms, or a message may be left for the patient or family by calling 223-7010 in Fort Scott or 332-3207 in Independence.

Tips on Being a Good Visitor
Knowing how to be a good visitor in the hospital can help you relative or friend cope with the difficulty of a hospital stay. These tips can help you be a better visitor.
Some patients are too ill to have visitors or may not feel up to it, but they may not tell you. Be sensitive to the patient’s needs. It may be better to send a card.
Knock and ask permission to enter the room. This will enable the patient to be prepared for someone to come in.
Your visit to the hospitalized patient is very important, but if you feel you must offer something more, ask what the patient might need. It might be something to read, a garment, photo, a toiletry item or a favorite item from home. Also, it is best to check on any restriction the patient might have prior to sending or bringing something. For example, patients with respiratory problems may not be able to have flowers or plants and some patients may have dietary restriction.
Do not sit on the bed unless invited. If you usually kiss or touch the patient, do so as you normally would.
Please do not sit on the clean, empty bed in the room as this soils the bed linens.
If a physician or nurse comes into the room while you are visiting, excuse yourself and step out of the room. You are welcome to wait in the waiting area provided. This will allow the patient an opportunity to ask questions that may be personal.
If possible, try to schedule your visit with the patient. This gives the patient an opportunity to look and feel their best.

Top ten reasons to become a Mercy Hospital Auxiliary Volunteer

Volunteering at Mercy Hospital gives you a good feeling. It gives you the sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing you are doing something truly worthwhile.
To be a Mercy Auxilian, you must have compassion, a sincere desire to help others, ability to learn new skills, enthusiasm, a positive attitude and willingness to make a commitment.
It’s a great way to make new friends. When you meet another Auxilian volunteer, you automatically have some things in common (see Reason 9). Many lasting friendships have been made among Auxiliary volunteers.
We have lots of places you can work. Where you work depends upon your abilities and interests. We try to match your interests and skills with a job that needs to be done. Daytime and float hours are available, depending on what you want to do.
We need you. Our volunteers are very important people because they take an active responsibility in the day-to-day operation of the hospital. If you’re one of those people who “needs to be needed,” you’ll find volunteering at our hospital very exciting.
You fill a very important role in the hospital. You give what money cannot buy; relieve hospital personnel for specialized work; bring comfort and services to patients; and represent the hospital in the community.
You’ll look great in the uniform smock. (Pink for the man or burgundy for the gentlemen.)
You will have the opportunity for recognition upon your hours of service milestones.
You will be Appreciated! Our Mercy co-workers understand the value of the time our volunteers contribute to the Mercy mission. We couldn’t be as effective without you!

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