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Physical Therapy is a profession that seeks to return patients to physical health. The physical therapist works with his or her patient with injuries of the muscular, skeletal, nervous, circulatory or respiratory system. Physical Therapists plan and also administer treatment programs to help their patients relieve pain and to restore function in the part of the body that was injured. In some treatments, Physical Therapists may use heat, cold, ultrasound, manual and hands-on techniques. The length of an individual’s treatment could take weeks, months or years, depending on the extent of the injury.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is designed to help patients with heart disease recover and return to their daily duties. Cardiac Rehab includes things such as exercise, education, counseling and learning ways to live a healthier life.

A Cardiac Rehabilitation program strives to achieve cardiovascular functioning, decrease disability and identify abnormal cardiac responses to exercise. Cardiovascular activity is monitored during exercise with the use of an ECG (electrocardiograph).

Occupational Therapy is designed to restore useful physical functioning following a disabling accident or illness. Patients include people suffering from strokes, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, arthritis, head injuries, amputations, burns and people with auditory and speech problems. The goal of occupational therapy is to restore the physical independence of the patient.

Sports Medicine is defined as a broad area of health care that addresses the needs of patients in all age groups who exercise to stay healthy. Sports Medicine is designed to incorporate recreational sports for prevention and treatment of disease or illness. All activities are medically supervised.

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