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Andrew, 38 years old ( 5 November 2013 )

” Guys, you probably know that after 35 many problems begin with the prostate. I was no exception and recently underwent major surgery. Six months later try and buy Fildena , but the result was not any … In addition, the next day there was a cold, and nothing helped . I’m the only one or is it a common problem ? I read other reviews about Viagra – they say that the side effects are 7-10% of men. Apparently, I’m one of them … ”

Lech , 29 years old ( 21 November 2013 )

“Fildena acts certainly chic , stands at 100%, but for a couple of years of frequent use and drug addiction developed now works not as much as before … Started to buy Viagra 200 mg, stronger dose and it was all cool! Holding at 100% ! ”

Andrew, 26 years old ( 25 March 2013 )

” Guys , if you want great sex several times a night , and that all had a great time riser Fildena is nothing better ! ”

Dmitry , 28 years old (19 January 2013)

“Fildena – that really need every peasant . Never understood bullies who kolyat any injection and those who drink all sorts of rubbish – broths , setting compresses make any nonsense.  And then everything is clear and to the point – and brains in shape and body in order. Riser great sex excellent. No surprises – for me that ‘s that, and this is very important ”

Dimon , 35 years old ( 23 June 2013 )

” And what is there to tell? Fildena perfectly recalls what we have between the legs this thing ”

Alexander , 29 years old ( 17 July 2013 )

” Hey, guys ! I’m 29 , I bought Fildena second time. Functions fine , but the next day a little noisy head . But a strong cup of coffee, and it all goes . And here’s a little nose does have a couple of hours after took the pill “

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